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World Lotto/WeltLotto

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, 21 November 2002 1:12 AM
To: Guy West
Subject: Re: Welt Lotto, a scam ?


I have received an e-mail claiming in detail that I won a $2.5 M in something called "WeltLotto or World Lotto" based in Amsterdam, Holland. I was told to contact their agent, one "John Bishop" by fax, phone or e-mail asap since if not claimed by Nov 25th 2002 I lose "my" money.

I did contact the above J. Bishop. The phone was an answering machine, so I faxed and e-mailed to him. Today I received an answer requesting me to fill out forms and add a copy of passport or driver's licence and was notified that I'll have to pay $3,900 for a variety of services leading to the release of the money.

Naturally I replied that no money or personal details will be forwarded (besides my name, address and phone, which I already did.)

Please tell me if this is indeed a scam, as I think - or is WELTLOTTO-FIRMA a legitimate business. They did not provide any address but the following website: www.WELTLOTTO-FIRMA.ITIGO.COM

They requested me to contact J. Bishop @ tel 31205241541 as "Foreign Service Manager of EUROSECURITIES BV

The e-mails provided were
3. Eurosecurities have a very obscure website @

Are you familiar with this "lotto". Is it a scam? Your help will be greatly appreciated.



Smartgambler reply:

I'll look into it as soon as I get a chance. It is definitely a scam. Looks, sounds and smells like a scam... it is one. Don't send them any of your personal details like driver's license because identity theft is rampant on the internet.

I'll get back to you with evidence that it's a scam, but in the meantime don't have any further contact, you're just giving them information.


Guy West.
Managing Director OZmium Pty Ltd.


Thanks Guy.

I'll await the results of your inquiry.



Smartgambler reply:

Didn't take long!

Go to 'Edit' on your browser once you've found this page and select 'Find on this page', then type in Weltlotto. It's there.

I could dig up hundreds of references to it no doubt, but I don't need to. It's a scam...100% certainty on that.

If you've sent any credit card details cancel the cards and get new ones reissued immediately. If they have identity details like license, especially if it has your photo, I would get a new one issued with a new number, or at least alert the authorities that someone may be using that document in identity fraud.

Hope it all works out okay for you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but better than see you losing thousands of dollars as many people who write to us have.


Guy West.


Thank you so much Guy. Luckily I didn't send anything but name, address and phone, which they already must have had e-mailing me.

So I had 24 hours of nice illusion - time to get back to normal life :-)


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