Basic Strategy tables for
Australian casinos

Data courtesy White Knight Blackjack

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Why are there different strategies?

Because each casino has slightly different rules for their version of blackjack and these rule variations mean that the player should sometimes do one thing at one casino and another thing at a different casino.

Some casinos allow you to split your hand once (two hands maximum) whilst others allow splitting twice or more times (three or four hands maximum).

In Canberra, Darwin, Alice Springs and Launceston you can double your bet on any two cards and not just 9,10 or 11.

If the dealer gets a Blackjack after you've doubled, casinos with OBBO (original and busted bets only) will not take the doubled-down wagers you've placed, essentially saying 'Sorry we got a blackjack, we'll only punish you a little'. This is of course good for the player.

Basic Strategy for Australian casinos - Text version

A's, 8's always except A vs A, 8s vs 10 or 8s vs A in Canberra. 
10's, 5's never.
2's, 3's vs 7 or less.
4's vs 5,6. 
6's vs 6 or less.
7's vs 7 or less.
9's vs 9 or less but not against 7.

Doubles: (hard totals)
11 vs 10 or less, except 11 vs 9 or less in Canberra. 
10 vs 9 or less.
9 vs 3 to 6.

Doubles: (soft totals) Launceston, Canberra, Darwin and Alice Springs. 
A,2/3 vs 5,6.
A,4/5 vs 4,5,6
A,6/7 vs 3,4,5,6

Doubles: (soft totals) Casinos other than those 4 above.
A,2 to A,6 hit

Other soft totals:
A,7 vs 8 or less stand (except when doubling at Launceston, Canberra, Darwin and Alice Springs, as per above.)
A,7 vs 9,10, A hit
A,8 or more stand. 
If the dealer has 7 - A:
Player draws cards to at least hard 17.

If the dealer has 2 - 6:
Player sits at hard 12 except 12 vs 2 and 3, then player hits.

Do not take insurance or even money for blackjack!


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